MOOC at University of Amsterdam (UvA)

MOOC at University of Amsterdam (UvA)

University of Amsterdam starts own MOOC portal
Featured course: Introduction to Communication Science

The University of Amsterdam launches the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Communication Science: Introduction to Communication Science.

Duration of the he English online course is 8 weeks, videocolleges will cover all aspects of communication. Participants can receive an certificate .

De online course  Introduction to Communication Science is an initiative of the College of Communication and the Graduate School of Communication Science; nr 1 in Europe according to the  QS World University Ranking 2012.





Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. They envision a future where the top universities are educating not only thousands of students, but millions. Coursera states that their technology enables the best professors to teach tens or hundreds of thousands of students.

Through this, Coursera hopes to give everyone access to the world-class education that has so far been available only to a select few. This is fully inline with the philosophy of Learnmenu Coursera wants to empower people with education that will improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the communities they live in.

Where does money come from?

Learn all about our financial system and the crisis:

A very interesting explanation comes from Positive money (for the UK situation, but this situation can easily be generalized to the whole western world)

Where Does Money Come From?

Over 97% of all the money in the UK was created by banks. They create this money when they make loans to ordinary people and businesses. As hard as it is to believe, when you take out a loan, the money that appears in your bank account doesn’t come from anywhere – it’s just typed in using a computer. Brand new money is created electronically. (For a technical explanation of how banks create money click here).



Positive Money is a not-for-profit research and campaign group. They work to raise awareness of the connections between our current monetary and banking system and some of the biggest social, economic and environmental challenges that we face today.